Weekend Fall Home Improvement Checklist

Fall is here in Indianapolis, and now is the perfect time to get a jump start on home improvement projects. Take advantage of the weekend to check off items on this fall home improvement list so you can get your home ready for the coming winter months.

Improve Your Home Comfort Over the Weekend

If your home is in need of a little TLC this fall season, then this is a great place to begin. Take care of these basics, which can be completed over just one weekend, and your home will be better suited to face the chilly temperatures ahead.

Fall Home Improvement Checklist

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Best Bathroom Updates Under $50

Many see their bathrooms as spots to escape and unwind. If you appreciate investing energy absorbing your tub, or you jump at the chance to prepare each morning in an excellent shower space, refreshing your bathroom with relative consistency is vital. While most Carmel budgets may not allow for a complete remodel, some cheap bathroom updates can have a unique effect.

Cheap bathroom updates under $50

1. A new layer of Paint – Cover your painted dividers with a crisp layer of paint to change the look – and the shade – of your morning & nighttime oasis. Select a color shading that can boldly complement your current motif to bring an effective pop into your bathroom.

2. Rack Replacement – Replace your current towel racks and bathroom tissue holder to patch up the look of your space. Select frames in a metallic shade that suites your style, for example, brushed silver racks for a modern and natural washroom or oiled bronze ones for a lavatory with old-world appeal.

3. New Mirror – Replacing a mirror is one of the simplest changes you can make, and yet it can have a profound impact on the space. Give your vanity a needed upgrade and enhance the size of your bathroom with a larger mirror.

4. Refreshing Lighting – Lighting can get costly, leading many to accept their older fixture in their homes. However, if you can get thrifty, a new light fixture will literally change the way that you see yourself and your bathroom each use.

5. Shower Curtain – Your shower is a common element inside your space. Just like window curtains, a shower curtain can complete a space. Affordable, yet decorative, curtains can be found in nearly all homegoods stores. Choose one that can completely refresh your bathroom in one easy step.

6. Included Storage Space – A washroom that is jumbled will fundamentally look more confined. Empower yourself to eliminate the messiness by adding some storage room to your restroom. Maximize your floor space by purchasing floating shelves, cabinets or a storage unit built to fit around your toilet. When you do, you can use this space to store necessities that you wouldn’t want others to see or that can clutter your space.

7. Replace Accessories – The extras that fill your shower space can easily fall victim to the humidity that builds in bathrooms and develop rust. You can change the appearance of your shower space by swapping out dated storage caddies with sleeker storage options.

Creating a beautiful and comfortable home can be a singe when you get creative with your budget. Once you create a space that looks like home, make sure that it also feels like home by maintaining your home’s HVAC system. If you want the peace of mind that your home is going to stay comfortable throughout the summer season, feel free to reach out to one of our knowledgeable and capable HVAC technicians in Indianapolis to schedule an inspection of your system and perform any maintenance that is necessary.

Best Home Improvements to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

To take advantage of the warmer and sunnier months ahead, set aside some time to spruce up both your home and yard. Here are a few excellent home improvement ideas to get your home ready for summer.

Exterior Home Improvements

Do an Exterior Inventory

Walk around the outside of your house and take note of any damage that may have occurred over the winter.

  •      Clear built-up dirt from the driveway and walkway, and power wash the siding and trim.
  •      Check your roof for loose or missing shingles, and repair or replace as needed.
  •      Is your gutter properly aligned and unclogged? You’ll want to address any gutter issues and clear out any buildup of debris.
  •      Pay attention to the foundation of your home and note any cracks or leaks, which you should fix as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Clean Your Patio and Deck

Get rid of any grime or dirt that has collected on your deck or patio. Hire a professional, or DIY, but heed caution that pressure washers can damage your deck’s wood if used improperly. Also, if you see any boards that need replaced or repaired, now is a smart time to do so.

Check Windows and Doors

Check doors and windows for any cracks, holes, or leaks. Replace any worn or missing weather-stripping around doors and windows, or caulk wherever needed. Check with your local utility company, as they could offer cost-free energy audits, which can help assess any of your home’s insulation issues.  

Yard Improvements

Clear Away Debris

If you decided to put off raking leaves this past fall, then now’s the time to do so. Clear out your yard and garden areas of any old leaves, vines, or other debris to help better prepare your yard for summer landscaping. Having a cleared out base makes it easier to lay mulch and compost; plus, it creates a healthier environment for your outdoor plants.

Lay Compost and Mulch

Now that your yard is cleared away of any leaves and debris, plan to add compost, and then mulch, to all garden and side-bed areas. Compost adds a wealth of valuable nutrients to your lawn and garden, and mulch will help protect against erosion, seal in moisture, and help decrease weed growth around your other plants.  

Plant New Outdoor Plants

Add color and beauty to your yard by planting several new plants around your yard. Be sure to pay attention to lighting requirements and plant accordingly. Many low light plants, such as ferns and ivy, are excellent for adding a bit of charm to your landscaping and can thrive where other plants may not. Take advantage of a very sunny area and plant a vegetable and herb garden. It’s easy if you start from small plants, such as tomatoes and basil, which are generally sold at many hardware and home improvement stores, as well as garden centers.

Interior Home Improvements

Embrace The Sunshine

Save on energy costs during the day by opening blinds and curtains to let the sunshine in. This way, there will be no need for you to turn on interior lighting until well into the evening hours. You’ll be surprised at how quickly lightbulb usage can add up on your home’s energy bill—so, cut your energy costs this summer and embrace the sun.

Get Rid of Clutter

Take an inventory of all your “stuff” within your home and get rid of any unnecessary items or furniture you no longer need or want. This will open up your home and give you more space to enjoy those summer days spent at home. Nicer weather means it’s easier to take multiple trips to donation centers and drop off areas, so take advantage of it.

Shampoo Carpets and Rugs

Rent a rug shampooing machine and thoroughly clean your home’s carpets and rugs. Regular carpet cleaning won’t only make them look better, it will help them last longer by keeping them in excellent shape for years to come.

Have a Maintenance Check on Your Home’s Cooling System

This is a sure-fire way to ensure better energy efficiency as well as HVAC longevity. And, since summertime is when you’ll be using your A/C the most, it makes sense to ensure that it is in excellent working order for the warm weather ahead. Don’t forget to change your air filter!  If you’re HVAC system is in need of a checkup, give us a call today at 317-759-5562.

6 Best Home Improvement Investments to Maximize Resale Value

Even if you love your home and plan on living in it for many more years, it’s always a smart idea to invest in small improvements that will maximize your ROI for when you do decide to sell. We’ve rounded up six of the smartest improvement investments for your home. If you’re thinking of making a few tweaks to your house, you’ll want to read this first.

Don’t waste your time and money by making improvements to your home that won’t pay off in the long run. If you have some home improvement ideas for your living space, see if it’s worth the investment first. Check out our roundup of the top 6 home improvement investments to maximize your resale value.

Home Improvement Investments ROI


Most Valuable Home Improvements for Resale

If you’re in the market for a new HVAC system (which is an excellent home improvement investment), or need plumbing or electrical assistance, then give us a call today. We have experts available to help you with all types of home related needs. We provide energy efficient lighting, plumbing, air conditioning, heating and electrical services for homeowners in Indianapolis metro area. (317) 759-5562




3 Common Reasons Your DIY Hacks Aren’t Working (And How to Fix Them)

You’ve been collecting inspiring DIY pins from Pinterest for months, and you’ve even put a few to the test. Most work out great, but there are a few that seem to have given you a bit of trouble…

Don’t fret! We’re here to help. We’ve gathered several common issues that you may be faced with after you’ve completed your DIY project, and we’ve got the advice you need to fix this issues on the spot.

Why Your DIY Hacks Aren’t Working

Below are just a few reasons why your DIY hacks aren’t working, and how you can fix them:

The Problem: You’ve decided to brighten your interior world by adding a splash of color to several rooms in your home. The color looks fabulous, but the paint is peeling in some areas, especially around the bathroom, or on walls that hug the exterior perimeter of your home.

The Fix: As you’ve probably gathered, water is the culprit here, and to fix your painting woes, you’ll need to first prevent the water from messing up your walls in the first place so the same problem doesn’t re-occur. Oftentimes an overly steamy bathroom or a leaky gutter can lead to this type of cosmetic damage, which can end up being quite a costly issue if not addressed quickly.

For steamy bathrooms, consider getting a new ventilation fan, which will help control humidity in your home. For leaky gutters, you’ll need to repair the part of the gutter that is leaking to prevent further water damage from occurring in your home, which could create some very costly problems if left to fester (such as your walls rotting from the outside in).

Once you’ve tackled the source of the moisture that is messing up your beautiful paint job, simple use a wall scraper to remove the peeling paint, prime, and repaint. Keep a small baby jar of a matching paint color for easy touchups whenever needed.

The Problem: Your DIY caulking is unevenly applied and is not stopping the air leaks as you intended. Plus, it just looks plain ugly. Basically, it doesn’t look anywhere near as even as the examples shown in the home improvement articles on weather-stripping.  

The Fix: Don’t feel bad about your caulking skills; for many people who aren’t used to using a caulking gun, it’s easy to get uneven application. Luckily, this fix is pretty simple, just re-caulk over the messed up area, and if it’s too big of a mess, remove the caulking and start anew.

One easy way to ensure that you get even coverage the second time around is to mark off the areas that need to be caulked with blue painter’s tape. Simply, clean the areas that need to be caulked, then tape on the areas of the wall that you don’t want caulk to get in, leaving a straight strip of area to be caulked. After you’re finished caulking, be sure to peel off the tape while the caulking is still wet. Otherwise, you will glue the painters tape to your wall, which is a whole separate DIY problem you’ll need to fix.

DIY Problem: You’ve installed a few new lighting fixtures, but your lights seem to be flickering on and off quite often. This could happen as a cluster of lights, which is referred to by the professional electricians as “arcing,” or the lights may dim if you turn on other appliances in your home, which is a sign that a circuit could be overloaded.

The Fix: DIY electricity projects are best left to the professionals, so if you’re facing lights flickering throughout your home from a project that you recently completed, call in a licensed electrician to help out. Electrical issues are not something you want to gamble on, as they can cause fires to start in your home, which could be disastrous. For around $200 for a small electrical issue, you can have a pro come in and ease your mind of any further electrical mishaps. A larger problem could cost you more, but again, preventing a fire which could destroy your entire house is well worth that investment.

Efficient Systems provides the very best in home comfort and maintenance services from heater and air conditioning installation to plumbing repair to electrical fixes. If you don’t want to take a chance on a DIY fix, call in the experts at Efficient Systems: 317-759-5562

Responsible for Your Home Improvement Budget? Here Are 5 Terrible Ways to Spend Your Money

If you’re responsible for your home improvement budget then you know that it can be difficult to decide which home repairs or renovations are a necessity and which can wait. If you plan on selling your home in the future, it’s vital that you spend your home improvement budget wisely so that you can get the best price for your home when it’s time to sell. Below, we’ll discuss the common home improvement projects that many Indianapolis homeowners take on that may actually be a waste of money.

5 Terrible Ways to Spend Home Improvement Budget

Don’t end up spending your limited home improvement budget on projects that won’t pay off. Check out the list below and make sure not to invest your time or money into these projects, which will not help you increase the resale value of your home.


Is your HVAC system on its way out? Not only can a broken down HVAC system start to impact your home comfort, but it can also impact a potential buyers decision to purchase your home. Don’t let your heating and cooling system make you or a potential buyer uncomfortable. Contact us today to learn more about your options for HVAC repair or new system installation.