What You Need to Know About Chinese Drywall Syndrome

Was your home built between 2001 and 2009? Do you have blackening copper wire, plumbing, or air conditioner coils? Do you notice a smell like rotten eggs or ammonia upon entering your home? If so you just might have a home with Chinese drywall.

What is the problem with Chinese drywall?

In many homes across the US homeowners have had severe issues related to problem drywall imported from China. Not all drywall from China is problematic, but the drywall that is can severely damage the home. How does it do this? The problematic drywall will release sulfuric gasses that corrode certain metals in the home, namely copper.

Everyone is familiar with how copper turns blue/green when it tarnishes. When hydrogen sulfide, one of the gasses given off by some Chinese drywall, the copper corrodes with a black color. The gasses given off are so corrosive to copper components that they can actually cause them to fail. Ground wires, appliances, plumbing, air conditioner coils – even smoke and carbon monoxide alarms – are all susceptible to failure and corrosion from these gasses.

In terms of your HVAC system the gasses can quickly corrode the coils causing them to fail in as short a time as a couple months, but usually less than a year. The HVAC industry is aware of the problem and will tell you if they suspect that you could have the issue.

Once a threshold inspection is done, a more thorough inspection will be done to determine if you home does indeed have the problem drywall or not. The use of corrosive coupons, checking the back of the drywall for manufacturing marks, testing the home for copper sulfide or sulfur, and testing the drywall core for high levels of strontium and sulfur.

If you suspect that your home was built between 2001 and 2009, you notice rotten egg smells in the home, or you notice black corrosion on copper components, you should call a qualified home inspector to determine if your home is contaminated with the drywall.

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Is the Water In Your Home Safe for Drinking?

It’s not always easy to tell if your home tap water is safe for drinking. Some contaminates have an obvious odor or taste, but most serious contaminates that can make their way into drinking water are invisible, odorless and tasteless.

Most home tap water comes from municipal systems, which are required to test water frequently and notify the public if contaminate levels aren’t below public safety standards. As a result, most people can be reasonably sure that their drinking water isn’t harmful. However, the only way to know for sure that your water is safe to drink is to test it.

When to Test Your Water

Under certain circumstances, having your water tested independently may be a good idea. Municipal systems test for contaminants at their water treatment plants, and there is the small possibility that harmful substances may get into your water as it travels from the plant to your faucets.

If you have lead pipes, brass faucets (which contain lead) or copper pipes, you may want to have your water tested for these metals. New pipes and faucets are permitted lead levels of eight percent or less, and old plumbing may have much higher levels. Lead poisoning can be extremely serious, and copper poisoning can also involve a number of nasty symptoms.

Rural residents who get their water from private or shared wells should definitely test their water regularly. These residents are solely responsible for their own water quality, which is not managed or tested by a municipal water agency.

Ways to Test Your Water

If you want to test the water from your own faucet, you can request a test from your local water agency or a certified lab, or perform a test yourself. Many local water agencies are willing to perform home drinking water tests, and some will even do so for free.

If your local water agency doesn’t offer tests, state-certified or nationwide labs can test your water for you. Depending on the number of contaminant levels you want to check, the cost of these tests can vary from tens to hundreds of dollars.

You can find a certified lab in your state by visiting the Environmental Protection Agency’s website, or calling their Safe Drinking Water Hotline at (800) 426-4791.

Home testing kits are also good but limited options. Reputable home tests like PurTest and Discover Testing allow you to check your water for lead, arsenic, bacteria and pesticides. Labs are able to test for many more contaminants, but there are also much more expensive that these home tests.

The EPA reports that 90 percent of municipal water systems meet federal safety standards. That’s pretty good, but it’s not perfect—if you want to be absolutely certain that your water is safe, testing is the way to go.

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