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Is the Water In Your Home Safe for Drinking?

It’s not always easy to tell if your home tap water is safe for drinking. Some contaminates have an obvious odor or taste, but most serious contaminates that can make their way into drinking water are invisible, odorless and tasteless. Most home tap water comes from municipal systems, which are required to test water frequently

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Financing Can Ease the Stress of HVAC Replacement

Replacing a heating and cooling system is a major and often unexpected expense. Much of the time, replacing an HVAC system is also time-sensitive—going weeks and months without a heater in the winter or an air conditioner in the summer can be extremely uncomfortable, and even dangerous for the elderly and for children. Since heating

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What Should I Do If My Basement Floods?

Basement flooding can cause serious damage, up to thousands of dollars. While some floods can’t be anticipated, there are certain steps you can take to manage a flood and protect your home against future floods. Why Basements Flood There are a number of reasons why a basement can flood, from weather conditions to problems with

EfficientSystems Carrier Cor Thermostats Indianapolis, IN

A Look at the Carrier Cor Thermostat

The thermostats of the future are here, with the arrival of smart, Wi-Fi-enabled devices like the slick Carrier Cor thermostat. The Cor allows you to manage the temperature and humidity of your home from anywhere in the world through your mobile device or smart phone. This thermostat also has the ability to learn and adapt

EfficientSystems Running Toilet January

What Causes Toilets to Keep Running?

Sometimes trouble comes in a trickle instead of a flood. That’s certainly the case with a constantly running toilet, which can drive up your water bills even as it’s driving you crazy. Fortunately toilet technology is uncomplicated and with just a little bit of knowledge you can obtain the know-how you need to fix that

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Why Bargain HVAC Repairs Actually Cost More

Everyone loves a bargain, which is why cheap HVAC repairs can seem so tempting. Especially since those who aren’t familiar with the intricacies of HVAC systems aren’t aware that not all contractors deliver the same service. It may surprise you to know that some companies are actually in the business of purposefully hooking customers with

Hot water heater and furnace Indianapolis, IN

How Do I Know If I Need A New Water Heater?

Though hot water tanks can last for years, they start showing symptoms of ageing when they need replacement. Determining if a water heater replacement would be necessary is a simple undertaking which one could go about by themselves. If necessary, one could even install a new water heater to save money and energy. If the

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5 Common Home Heating Myths

Home heating myths prevent people from implementing truly meaningful strategies that could lower their expenses. We have listed five of these pervasive misconceptions below in order to debunk them with facts: 1. Setting the temperature higher will lead to faster home heating. This doesn’t work with air conditioners and it doesn’t work with heaters either.

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Preparing Tankless Water Heaters For Winter

People who use both indoor and outdoor water heaters are well acquainted with winterizing a tankless water heater. Though outdoor units are usually more exposed to elements of the weather, their indoor counterparts could also be affected. This makes it vital to install the unit at a proper location with the right kind of venting.

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What Is Two-stage Heating?

There are important factors to consider when installing an HVAC system. Basically, clients may choose a single stage, two-stage as well as variable speed furnaces. In most cases, two-stage heating furnace is given the first priority. What is Two-Stage Heating? Unlike a single stage furnace, two-stage heating system has a valve which may either be